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Posting photos - data guidelines 貼飛蛾照片最好附上基本資料

To all who post photos of moths to this forum, please could you add the following information:
* Date of record (i.e. when the photo was taken)
* Site (Name, plus if possible a UTM grid reference or lat/long. accurate to within +/- 100m, if possible (note the HKWN rules don't encourage accurate locality for "sensitive" species))
* recorder's name
This basic, essential information is being compiled to provide an overall picture of the moth species composition and conservation status in Hong Kong, data which is thinly spread across the 2,400 species recorded so far. The more complete the picture, the better the chance of conserving the remaining unprotected habitats in which these (and other) creatures live.
Photographic observations can (indeed, should) also be submitted to I-Naturalist where there is a project on moth recording in Hong Kong

Please remember that if you enjoy photographing wildlife, without helping to conserve that wildlife, there may be no more wildlife in future for you to photograph.

many thanks,


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[Other] Unidentified Hong Kong macromoths   1 2
23 / 95652 2016-8-16 10:14
by hkmoths
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[Other] 不停打轉 - unidentified HK micromoths
17 / 25826 2012-3-14 12:20
by hkmoths
附件 精華 1
[Other] Adelidae - Nemophora sp. indet. [+53]
2 / 3258 2016-11-7 22:42
by 啜啜龍
精華 1
[Larva/Pupa] 小心! 毛毛虫!
12 / 7182 2006-8-18 20:51
by Gilbert



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