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標題: [Oversea] (Guangdong) Zygaenidae, Chalcosiinae - "Milleria litana"
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發表於 2010-8-13 21:27  資料 文集 短消息 
(Guangdong) Zygaenidae, Chalcosiinae - "Milleria litana"

2010.8  Guangdong, Guangning
斑蛾科 Zygaenidae, Chalcosiinae - Chalcosia sp?

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發表於 2010-8-14 16:55  資料 文集 短消息 
I alerted Yen Shen Horn to your request. He is a specialist of Zygaenidae, based in Sun Yat Sen University, Kaohsiung.

This is what he had to say:

Identifcation of this species-group is complex

At present the name available for the population from Sichuan to Guangdong is Milleria litana Druce (=Milleria lingnami Mell).

There are several problems to be resolved before a readily valid name can be announced.

(1) Milleria and Chalcosia may just be synonymic with each other, but without a molecular phylogeny including all the species involved, this suggestion of synonymization would be risky
(2) Chalcosia formosana (including two subspecies in Japan and Taiwan) is possibly conspecific with Milleria litana, but I haven't got any DNA available from China for further analysis.
(3) The holotype of Chalcosia reticularis looks like a large female of Milleria litana, but apart from the holotype, no more specimens of "reticularis" is known.
(4) Their relationships would effect the validity of the name to be used to represent the species, but, without any further evidence, I would suggest using Milleria litana to represent the species found in Guangdong.

So there you have it - a complicated situation for such a simple looking request!! (as is often the way in this group of insects)

cheers,  Roger.

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kw_lam   2010-8-14 20:55  種子  +10   解答詳盡 Thanks for detailed explanation ...

R.C.Kendrick  Ph.D.
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