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標題: [Volunteer] Hong Kong's Most Beautiful Beach & Clean Ups
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Hong Kong's Most Beautiful Beach & Clean Ups





Many thanks to everyone who turnedout for the beach clean up last Saturday 25th February. It was a great day,and though numbers were down on our expectations, we couldn't have found anicer bunch of people who really moved mountains of trash (see the niceclean beach in the picture below).          In 2.5 hours, wemanaged to collect over 100 bags of rubbish. The beach was particularlybad, as the picture above shows, looking more like a landfill site than aplace of natural beauty. The dead dog was a particularly gruesomefeature.
What was interesting was thecomposition of the waste was radically different from previous clean ups.Not so much polystyrene, more sweet wrappers, oranges and plastic foodpackaging. Is our tidal waste seasonal? And who is putting itthere?
Unhappily, we could see the nextwave of trash already in the water. Luckily, Siu Yu from Green Lamma willsoon be leading another clean up on March 11th (see sidebar), which I hopeyou will support.

We invited senior members fromthe Environmental Protection Department to participate in the last cleanup. Though they failed to respond, we will be inviting them again this time- and indeed every month for 10 months thereafter - to give them theopportunity to see first hand Lamma's waste problems and to talk to membersof the public who give up their time freely to raise awareness and combatthe problem.
Living Lamma would like to thankthe Hong Kong Hiking Meet Up Group, Phillip Securities and the Baroque fortheir participation. Phillip Securities also donated HK$10,000 to theSamaritans from sponsorship of the clean up.
If you cannot make the clean upon March 11th, or Shek Pai Wan is a little too far away, please feel freeto organise your own clean up of an area of your choice. It doesn't have tobe a big area or take a lot of time. Just take some before and afterpictures and tell us about it. Email:
You can also register acomplaint about the rubbish at by sending a photoand identifying the location. We have been told by the Head of thegovernment's Efficiency Unit that if enough complaints are received, thenthe Efficiency Unit would be able to convene a meeting of relevantdepartments to tackle the issue. We have yet to see this in action (orfigure out how many is enough), but lodging a record on a central databaseseems like a reasonable thing to try.
Every effort, big or small,helps us understand Lamma's dumping and littering problems. Every storyhelps with our campaign to clean up Lamma and to raise awareness of theissue.
Many thanks in anticipation ofyour help!
Jo Wilson, Chairperson, LivingLamma


Next CleanUp:Sunday March11thAll Welcome!


I will be out of Hong Kong on March 11th, but the lovely BarbaraTavernard will be our point person. She will meet participants for an8.15am departure from Hung Shing Yeh beach for the hike over to Sok KwuWan. Please call Barbara on 9150 8097 if you wish to join her.
Siu Yu will be leading a group of 45 high school students fromCentral. Siu Yu has said there may be free ferry tickets available on afirst come basis. If you wish to take the ferry, meet Siu Yu on the 7.30amferry from Yung Shue Wan to Central to catch the 8.35 am from Central toSok Kwu Wan. Please call Siu Yu on 9863 8407 if you would like to take thisoption (he could also do with some help in carrying gloves for thestudents!)
The two groups will rendez-vous in Sok Kwu Wan and from there hikeover the hill to Shek Pai Wan. The clean up will take a couple of hours andthen you will walk back to Sok Kwu Wan from where you can walk or take aferry home (with the option of stopping for a seafood lunch!)
As usual, please dress appropriately for the weather conditions andwear robust footwear. Bring water, snacks, sunscreen, a hat, and gloves.Bags will be provided.
Participants join the hike and clean up at their own risk, so pleasebe sensible. Watch what you are doing. Do not attempt to pick up anythingthat might be dangerous or too heavy for you to handle. Children arewelcome, but only in the company of an adult who can supervise their cleanup efforts.
Please take before and after photos, and photos of anything bizarreor interesting that you find. At the last clean up, one participantmentioned she'd found a baby turtle. Unfortunately, we only found out aboutthis after our return to Sok Kwu Wan and so have no record of it.


Tai Peng Village, Lamma Island, SAR, Hong Kong |

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