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標題: [Other] 在泥灘打擊非法活動 Enforcement on mudflats
Sze (阿思)
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發表於 2012-5-4 23:08  資料 主頁 文集 短消息 
在泥灘打擊非法活動 Enforcement on mudflats

Message from WWF:



為減少對訪客及鳥類的干擾,行動將在潮退時 (即鳥類距觀鳥浮屋較遠時) 進行。行動不會每週末進行,為保障行動成功,詳細日期及時間將不在此公佈。希望各位觀鳥者與攝影師明白上述行動對打擊非法活動的必要性,如為各位帶來不便,懇請見諒。如有查詢,請致電米埔辦公室 2471 6212。

Many visitors to Mai Po will be familiar with the problem of illegal fishing activities on the Deep Bay mudflats, including areas in front of the floating bird watching hides. Although the problem seems to have improved compared to previous years, these illegal activities continue to occur.

AFCD and the Hong Kong Police Force periodically conduct joint operations on the Deep Bay mudflats to check for any such illegal activities and to carry out enforcement actions as appropriate. So far, all such enforcement activity has taken place on weekdays to minimise disturbance to visitors to the hides, but there is concern that this may lead to the fishermen only conducting activities at weekends, when they know there will be no enforcement operations. Therefore, starting from May 2012 AFCD and the police will also conduct occasional enforcement patrols during weekends.

To minimise the possible disturbance to visitors and birds, all such operations will be conducted at low tide periods when it is not expected that birds will be close to the floating hides. Enforcement activities will not take place every weekend, but details of the dates and times will not be posted here in advance to avoid compromising the success. We appreciate the co-operation and patience of birdwatchers and photographers, and apologise for any inconvenience caused by these essential activities. If you have any questions, please contact the Mai Po office at 2471 6212.

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