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標題: Pupa development - an X-ray series
X-ray (X-ray)
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註冊 2013-5-6
Pri. Camera:  Nikon
來自 Happy Valley
狀態 離線
發表於 2013-6-5 23:26  資料 短消息 
Pupa development - an X-ray series

Pupa development - an X-ray series

Just completed a series of X-ray on the development of the Psilogramma menephron pupa from day 9, 12, 14, 16 after pupation and an adult moth.

The top row is the AP view and the bottom row is the lateral view.  Couldn't get a good lateral image of the adult as it moved a lot during the imaging.

Just looking at the series from a complete layman, in summary:

The respiratory system is pretty well developed by day 9 with contraction of the air spaces with maturation.

The digestive system starts around day 9 with the pear shaped structure and completes around day 16.

The sexual organ starts around day 12.

If you know the sequence of development, please chime in.

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banderbear   2013-6-7 15:37  種子  +5   brilliant

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註冊 2006-8-29
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來自 Lam Tsuen, Tai Po, NT, HK
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發表於 2013-6-6 00:00  資料 文集 短消息 
might well be worth showing these photos to Ian Kitching (Sphingid specialist at The Natural History Museum, London) and write up a paper about the observations with him....

R.C.Kendrick  Ph.D.
C & R Wildlife
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註冊 2007-3-29
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發表於 2013-6-7 10:56  資料 短消息 
You have easy access to X-Ray Apparatus? Interesting observation indeed.

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