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標題: [Other] Additional photo site for HK moths 香港蛾類新網上圖片庫 [打印本頁]

作者: hkmoths    時間: 2007-8-24 10:37     標題: Additional photo site for HK moths 香港蛾類新網上圖片庫

Hi All,

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed so far to this wonderful resource on Hong Kong Moths.

I would like to invite anyone who wishes to assist a little more. I will over the next few years (maybe decades!) be expanding my own Hong Kong moths website into a photo guide that will (I hope) encompass most of the species in HK for which there is information. A part of this is the photographic gallery section illustrating live moths. At the moment I have limited server space and have just signed up to Flickr - and started a Hong Kong Moths photo group there, with the long term intention of using this as a photo holding site for the HKMoths website. I would welcome photographers to create their own Flickr gallery - you can store upto 200 photos in upto 3 personal galleries (Flickr "sets") for free, and still assign your photos to groups (in pools). The Hong Kong Moths Flickr group currently has 18 members and over 80 photos. If you already have a gallery of moths elsewhere on the internet and would like to contribute to the HKMoths website, please let me know. I hope to do an hour or two each week on the site.
I still see the HKWildlife forum as the key site for discussing moth issues (identification, ecology, conservation), although as there are some limits (e.g. life history information from "controlled environments", these matters could be discussed elsewhere.

I'd welcome your thoughts and comments, please.



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作者: hkmoths    時間: 2013-3-1 12:30

Please consider adding your moth record photos to the i-Naturalist project for Hong Kong Moths.

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