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標題: [Noctuidae] 夜蛾科 Noctuidae, Catocalinae - Bastilla maturescens [打印本頁]

作者: Death1983    時間: 2006-9-16 18:39     標題: 夜蛾科 Noctuidae, Catocalinae - Bastilla maturescens

Thx so muchhhhhhh

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作者: 。方鴻漸。    時間: 2006-9-16 18:53

Guess: Dysgonia stuposa  (夜蛾科 Noctuidae, 裳夜蛾亞科 Catocalinae)
作者: Death1983    時間: 2006-9-16 19:00

Actually Where can I find more information about Moths!!
Becoz can't find any book to identify moths....Thx so much
作者: 。方鴻漸。    時間: 2006-9-16 19:36

I found Dr. R.C. Kendrix's (HKMoths) thesis in the site of HKU. It is very useful for ID while his book is not publish yet.
作者: Death1983    時間: 2006-9-16 20:26

Thx so much
作者: hkmoths    時間: 2006-9-16 21:36

This one is Bastilla maturescens; in HK, only found at KFBG in any numbers more than 1s or 2s, almost completely restricted to the central New Territories and met with infrequently. One record from Tai Mong Tsai on the Sai Kung peninsula. Global distribution is India (Assam), Indochina, S.China, Sumatra, Java.

Jeremy Holloway & Scott Millar revised the genus Dysgonia in 2003 and most species that occur in HK were transferred to Bastilla.

Holloway, J.D. & Millar, S.E. (2003). The composition, generic placement and host-plant relationships of the joviana-group in the
Parallelia generic complex (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae, Catocalinae). Invertebrate Systematics 17: 111-128.



p.s. there are lots of updates and a few mistakes to correct from my thesis, so please don't treat it as 100% gospel! The download is intended as a screen resolution pdf, you'll find the printed plates will not be much help, but the on-screen version should be perfectly usable at reasonable magnifications.

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作者: 。方鴻漸。    時間: 2006-9-16 21:46

Thanks for you info, Roger~
作者: Death1983    時間: 2006-9-16 22:33

Thanks so much

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