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標題: [Noctuidae] Noctuidae / Erebidae; Catocalinae - Ophiusa olista [打印本頁]

作者: blackdogto    時間: 2006-10-23 22:18     標題: Noctuidae / Erebidae; Catocalinae - Ophiusa olista

Kau To Shan, 16/10/06

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作者: hkmoths    時間: 2006-10-23 22:55

Until fairly recently, I'd have called this Ophiusa trapezium. However, since the publication of Jeremy Holloway's Moths of Borneo volume on Catocalinae, it is apparent that this name was incorrectly applied in Hong Kong (the original identification of Hong Kong material with this name was by Tony Galsworthy in the early 1990's). Ophiusa trapezium is actually close to O. triphaenoides in appearance, but a little smaller and a with lunule mark at the apical end of the sub-terminal fascia on the forewing.

Ophiusa olista (the species illustrated here) and the similar O. indistincta also occur in Hong Kong - the former of these two species has the subterminal fascia roughly equi-distant between the termen and postmedial fascia, whereas in O. indistincta the subterminal fascia is closer to the postmedial fascial.


作者: blackdogto    時間: 2006-10-23 23:57

Thanks for very detailed info!!

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