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作者: nature.strider    時間: 2008-8-15 08:51     標題: 鳥會徵求觀鳥領隊 ... &extra=page%3D1

徵求觀鳥領隊 Outing leaders wanted



In order to offer good outing activities, we need experienced birdwatchers to help being outing leaders.  For outings, it would be better to have 3-4 leaders to help finding the birds and explain briefly the id of the birds.  For beginner bird watching classes, we need 4-5 outing leaders to help set up telescope and to teach participants.

For many years, we have many members willing to help.  This has allowed beginner bird watchers enjoying their first year of bird watching very well.  We like to thank them deeply.  Outing and bird watching class are basic activities for our new members.  HKBWS has to continue these excellent activities.  That is why we need experienced and semi-experienced bird watchers to help.  Not only can outing leaders help us to teach new members, but also they can learn bird watching more deeply from more experienced bird watchers.  I understand this is one of the best methods to improve bird watching skill.

Outing leaders do not need to pay activity fees.  Those who are will to help please contact the office to register, or I have to do some persuasion to you individually.

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