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標題: [豐樂圍] WWF 對豐樂圍的一些資料和回應 [打印本頁]

作者: 深藍-Owen    時間: 2008-10-2 11:12     標題: WWF 對豐樂圍的一些資料和回應

WWF 方面了解到大家的 concern. 特提供呢個計劃既一些資料詳情比大家討論. 中文版遲下將會推出.
作者: fkm    時間: 2008-10-5 00:18

Well, I am no expert in this but WWF's information sounds reasonable to me especially when it declares that it has no financial interest in the project.

I hope those more knowledgeable in this field could comment and share your views.

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