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標題: [Swift Swallow] Barn swallows in western district 港島西區的家燕 [打印本頁]

作者: 啊AL    時間: 2009-3-31 00:23     標題: Barn swallows in western district 港島西區的家燕

Good evening all,

I'm new to here though I've been checking out many excellent species records in this forum from time to time.

Concerning swallow's diminishing breeding space in HK, I'm also concerned with the nest of Barn Swallow, with special reference to those found in Western District of HK Island. They're living in close association with households, to the extend like almost symbiosis.

Both Barn Swallow and House Swift represent a special niche in Chinese traditional value, bringing peace and wealth to our home. I truely hope that HKBWS and our ill-functioned GOV could consider starting some sort of education on this issue.

A swallow couple came for their old nest which located next to a big advertising light-box.

An abandoned nest. A new construction platform has recently set up next to it.

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作者: sttsim    時間: 2009-3-31 11:35     標題: 回覆 #1 啊AL 的帖子

thank you for your information.

Indeed some members of HKBWS have formed a swfit and swallow research group for some years.  They have conducted extensive Swift and swallow nest survey in hk island, Kowloon and NT.

The results will be announced soon.  You are welcome to join the territory wide survey coming soon.  please note hkbws web and e-mail

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