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標題: *戴勝 Eurasian Hoopoe* [打印本頁]

作者: Allen    時間: 2009-11-2 22:38     標題: *戴勝 Eurasian Hoopoe*

好鬼遠, 加咗 2x, 再勁 crop , 先有 d 野睇吓...

作者: Yau    時間: 2009-11-2 22:49

作者: teddy_chua    時間: 2009-11-3 13:30

I got a question this morning from my daughter how come so many people able to get this bird in great detail...... but I only able to have a small one after so many years  
作者: cosmos    時間: 2009-11-3 18:18

嘩,影得咁靚! 我上星期影嗰隻仲細呀

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