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標題: [Larva/Pupa] Lasiocampidae - Metanastria sp. (larvae) [打印本頁]

作者: Roman0120    時間: 2010-8-12 14:59     標題: Lasiocampidae - Metanastria sp. (larvae)

Found in Lantau. Thanks.

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作者: Mercury    時間: 2010-8-12 15:03

something like these... ... o=lastpost#lastpost
作者: Roman0120    時間: 2010-8-12 15:21

The linked thread said this species is,
Lasiocampidae Metanastria hyrtaca, but I don't know if it is the exact species.
I tried searching online by the species names and found a series of similar but different images.
I sorry maybe I am trying to be too exact or should I just leave it as Metanastria spp.?

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