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標題: Some woodlice (鼠婦) [打印本頁]

作者: sswroom    時間: 2010-12-30 00:14     標題: Some woodlice (鼠婦)

Here are some species of woodlice. However, I don't know how to identify them. Are there any external features which can aid for the identification?

#1-#8 is found in forest
#9 is found in intertidal area.

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#1 ... &extra=page%3D1


#5 ... &extra=page%3D1



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圖片: [#1] img_6785m.jpg (2010-12-30 00:14, 63.01 K) / 該附件被下載次數 73

圖片: [#2] img_9880m.jpg (2010-12-30 00:14, 63.35 K) / 該附件被下載次數 93

圖片: [#3] img_9787m.jpg (2010-12-30 00:14, 64.06 K) / 該附件被下載次數 74

圖片: [#4] img_1896m.jpg (2010-12-30 00:14, 63.1 K) / 該附件被下載次數 67

圖片: [#5] img_9862m.jpg (2010-12-30 00:14, 57.99 K) / 該附件被下載次數 77

圖片: [#6] img_9015m.jpg (2010-12-30 00:14, 61.36 K) / 該附件被下載次數 71

圖片: [#7] img_9871m.jpg (2010-12-30 00:14, 62.6 K) / 該附件被下載次數 72

圖片: [#8] img_9876m.jpg (2010-12-30 00:14, 63.27 K) / 該附件被下載次數 77

圖片: [#9] _mg_4410m.jpg (2010-12-30 00:26, 62.35 K) / 該附件被下載次數 76

作者: Mercury    時間: 2010-12-30 00:40

I think #9 belongs to genus Ligia
while #6, 7, 8 look like Burmoniscus sp. in this website

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作者: javaladybirds    時間: 2010-12-30 04:02


No.1-4 are Armadillidae - as noted in this post I still have to figure out the Asian genera/species. Once I have a better idea about the genus, I'll get back to this post.

No.5 is a Nagurus. Personally I only know Nagurus cristatus (from greenhouses in Europe) and this one looks just like that, but I cannot exclude the other species in the genus (yet).

Some (faint) options might be: There is also quite a few of endemics recorded for Japan, (probably develloped due to isolation on the various islands?), but I don't really expect to see those in China: Nagurus galleranii (Arcangeli, 1927); Nagurus kunigamiensis Nunomura, 1992; Nagurus lineatus Nunomura, 1987; Nagurus miyakoensis Nunomura, 1987; Nagurus okinawaensis Nunomura, 1992; Nagurus tokunoshimaensis Nunomura, 1987;

So, the best bet is probably cristatus, nanus, sundaicus or verhoeffi. My money is on cristatus but I'll try to find out more about the others.

Distribution data above is taken from:
Schmalfuss, Helmut (2004) The World catalog of terrestrial isopods (Isopoda: Oniscidea). (PDF)

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作者: javaladybirds    時間: 2010-12-30 07:10

Hi Simon,

Sorry, I overlooked that question before:

Originally posted by sswroom at 2010-12-30 00:14
Are there any external features which can aid for the identification?

The features used in IDing can be quite diverse and sometimes minute details of genitalia or other parts are needed. In 90% of the cases however larger morphological features will do the trick and for someone who is experienced with the local range of species one dorsal shot will often be enough. For someone like me, who is just beginning to find out about Asian species that won't work, and I would need to see as many of the "usual" features as possible to be able to get anywhere with the little literature I might be able to dig up.

Anyway, more or less in order of importance/usefulness: I think I've just about reached my quotum for uploads so there is little point in sorting out images to support all that. Well, too bad, tough luck. Maybe some other time.
Cheers, Arp

P.S. Oh well, I'll work in some links. This collage shows a number of good angles for ID shots. This example shows a typical set of IDing features from (old) literature.

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作者: sswroom    時間: 2010-12-30 22:14

Hi Arp,

Thanks for your information and I have better idea on taking photos on woodlice.
I will try to take better photos and share in this forum.

作者: alex07055    時間: 2011-10-7 16:33


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