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標題: [Crambidae] Moth (1) ID please [打印本頁]

作者: kw_lam    時間: 2011-3-20 20:03     標題: Moth (1) ID please

2011.3  Tai Tam CP
Eoophyla sp.?  Cannot find a match

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圖片: RIMG8148.JPG (2017-9-9 19:44, 278.31 K) / 該附件被下載次數 31

作者: hkmoths    時間: 2011-3-21 23:43

This is probably an Eristina species - the eyespot markings on the hindwing are very small. But would need to see the whole hindwing, as Eristina spp. have a distinctive notch at the tornus of the hindwing, not visible from your photo.

作者: fool12345    時間: 2011-4-2 16:32

It should be female of Eoophyla, gibbosalis-group, many similar species, hard to id the exact species.

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