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作者: lee_yat_ming    時間: 2011-6-19 17:37     標題: ID Pls

昨日上寶馬山影日落時見到. 長約三吋.

圖片: IMG_0043_3.jpg (2011-6-19 17:37, 419.58 K) / 該附件被下載次數 52

作者: lsp380    時間: 2011-6-20 00:20

似曾相識的一隻? ... highlight=%2BLsp380
作者: dlmohn    時間: 2011-6-23 02:51

I suspect that the larva  pictured with a yellow neck ring is possibly Lasiocampidae Euthrix isocyma [  ].  What is certain is that the larva referred to by Isp380 is a different species, since the yellow-ringed species, when mature, looks like the first image and nothing like the referred image.

BTW, being Lasiocampidae larvae, both specimens can raise a lot of itchy bumps for about 2 weeks if you mishandle them!  

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