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標題: [ID] 歐柳鶯. Willow Warbler? [打印本頁]

作者: chiunie    時間: 2012-1-13 11:25     標題: 歐柳鶯. Willow Warbler?

記錄相... 還請各位師兄給確認一下.

圖片: nEO_IMG__DSC6604-1.jpg (2012-1-13 11:26, 80.85 K) / 該附件被下載次數 63

作者: 小關    時間: 2012-1-13 12:01

I think more likely a Dusky Warbler, the body structure seems too strong and overall it's more brownish, the belly lacks the yellow tint of Willow. Supercilium is also not yellow enough for Willow.
作者: AndrewL    時間: 2012-1-13 13:45

I think it is an Asian Stubtail Warbler (鱗頭樹鶯)
作者: chiunie    時間: 2012-1-13 22:43

作者: 雀仔To    時間: 2012-1-14 01:21     標題: 回覆 #4 chiunie 的帖子

Dusky Warbler +1
作者: chiunie    時間: 2012-1-14 16:13

多謝這麼多位師兄師姐的指導!!! 我當它是"褐柳鶯. Dusky Warbler''啦!!!

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