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標題: [Volunteer] Beach Clean Up This Saturday [打印本頁]

作者: 深藍-Owen    時間: 2012-2-21 17:48     標題: Beach Clean Up This Saturday

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Join Living Lamma and the Hong Kong Hiking Meet Up Group on Saturday25th February for a jolly good clean up!
Shek Pai Wan on South Lamma should be one of Hong Kong's most scenicspots, though sadly the rubbish brought in on the tide means it often lookslike a landfill site. The picture above shows what we found at a clean upin October. It was only later that a local village head explained that thisused to be the mouth of a river. He used to catch fish here and localswould put up to 5 small boats here during typhoons.
We can make a difference. The more rubbish we collect and the morerubbish people see, the more we can start to educate people to beresponsible about the waste they produce and discard.
So come along - ALL WELCOME!
From Yung Shue Wan:
Meet at Hung Shing Yeh at 8 am for a hike over to Sok Kwu Wan where wewill meet those coming from Central.
From Central:
Take the 8.35 am ferry from Pier 4 in Central. The journey takes 30minutes and costs HK$25.
We will pick up plastic bags from the Food and Environmental HygieneDepartment in Sok Kwu Wan and then hike over the hill to Shek Pai Wan - awalk of around 45 minutes.
Things to Bring & Wear
  • Water - 2 bottles & snacks to give you enough energy untillunch
  • Sun block and hat (if its sunny)
  • Sturdy footwear - no sandals
  • Gloves are a good idea!
The clean up will start around 10 am and last for around 2 hours. Thenwe'll hike back round to Sok Kwu Wan for lunch (at your own expense). Ferrytimes for the return journey are: 2.35pm, 3.20pm and 4.05pm, or you canwalk back to Yung Shue Wan.
We hope to make this event as successful as our last two clean ups ofthis beach - or even more so. You can sign up by, calling Jo on 29820920 or via Facebook.
Intended participants should consider carefullywhether they wish to take part in the even as no accident insurance will beprovided. Therefore, in case of accident, the organisers will not bear anylegal responsibility.

Tai Peng, Yung Shue Wan|

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