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標題: [Other] HBC 鳥攝大賽賽果 [打印本頁]

作者: lee_yat_ming    時間: 2012-5-19 09:55     標題: HBC 鳥攝大賽賽果

作品係由超過1 萬張作品中選出

Participation Terms:
Submission Terms:
a) Photos should be of free birds in their habitats.
Ethical Terms:
a) It is the responsibility of each participant to adhere to all national and international laws pertaining to the location where the photo has been taken, including those regarding protected species.
b) ..
c) Participants are expected to keep in mind the well-being of the birds and their environment and to avoid injury or distress of the birds or destruction of their habitat in the process of taking photos.
d) Any photo that, in the Jury’s opinion, has been achieved through unethical or harmful conduct will be removed from the Contest.
a)The Owners will appoint the Jury, who will agree to a set of norms and a code of conduct to make sure that the expectations of the Contest are maintained.
b) The Jury will include bird and photography specialists, independent from the Owners, and will be assisted by a technical commission. One representative of the Owners will act as the Jury Secretary.
c) The Contest will also have a Public Jury, consisting of an open, online voting system through which any user may select the best picture of two randomly presented. The top photo selected by the Public Jury will be awarded a Special Prize.

請吾好攞住張坐巢相就話點解人地可以, 你就吾得,
請睇清楚, 嗰張相係用 Digiscoping 影的.
即係話, 佢影張相的距離, 吾係你用支100~800 去比較.
作者: tonytyt    時間: 2012-5-21 20:00

作者: lee_yat_ming    時間: 2012-5-22 00:04

原帖由 tonytyt 於 2012-5-21 20:00 發表

同時應該用平常心去對待. 學識去欣賞同總結經驗
拍吾到, 吾緊要. 只要知道佢出年仲會番嚟. 就仲有機會. 吾需要癈寢忘餐。
把握好每一次的機會. 減少要補考。
作者: tonytyt    時間: 2012-5-22 17:59

原帖由 lee_yat_ming 於 22-5-2012 12:04 AM 發表

把握好每一次的機會. 減少要補考。 ...

哈哈! 我好少補考, 同讀書時一樣, 肥咗算數

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