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標題: [Noctuidae] Noctuidae, Condicinae - Condica conducta / illecta [打印本頁]

作者: kw_lam    時間: 2013-2-16 22:06     標題: Noctuidae, Condicinae - Condica conducta / illecta

2013.2 TWS
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圖片: R0013879.JPG (2017-9-10 09:17, 297.96 K) / 該附件被下載次數 43

作者: dlmohn    時間: 2013-2-19 11:43

Any indication of size?  (e.g. from head to wing tip)  Location?
作者: kw_lam    時間: 2013-2-19 12:51     標題: 回覆 #2 dlmohn 的帖子

Length ~16mm, Location Tsz Wan Shan
作者: hkmoths    時間: 2013-2-26 12:17

initial thoughts were one of the Condica species (Noctuidae, Condicinae), but the posture is too flat and there appears to be a more distinct sub-medial fascia than for C. conducta or C. illecta (the two candidate species in Condica).  There remains the quite high chance that this is a species not previously recorded in HK - winter time moths are decidedly under-recorded here.
作者: nadia    時間: 2013-2-27 07:36     標題: 回覆 #4 hkmoths 的帖子

Thank you for pointing us to Condicinae.   Apparently kw_lam's moth seems to be within the normal variation of Condica illecta.   But of course your speculation may also be correct.
作者: hkmoths    時間: 2013-3-12 10:35

taking another look, I agree this is probably one of the two abovementioned Condica species.

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