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標題: [Sphingidae] Sphingidae, Macroglossinae - Macroglossum pyrrhosticta [打印本頁]

作者: lamchoping    時間: 2007-2-24 19:55     標題: Sphingidae, Macroglossinae - Macroglossum pyrrhosticta

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作者: hkmoths    時間: 2007-2-25 23:37

Not 100% sure on this one.

Most likely Macroglossum variegatum, though there are several other possibilities. Will follow up with a couple of specialists, but if a ventral shot were available, this would make life a little easier. A specimen would settle the issue, but I don't condone taking [i.e. a voucher specimen] every individual Macroglossum to find out what species it is, even if it's a difficult group and one has a collecting permit from AFCD!


作者: lamchoping    時間: 2007-2-26 09:53

One shot only, sorry!
Thank you very much!
作者: nadia    時間: 2007-2-26 16:56

It looks like a Macroglossum heliophila to me.
作者: hkmoths    時間: 2007-2-26 21:28

Hi Nadia et al.,

I don't think this is M. heliophila as the dark medial band on the forewing turns basally where it meets the dorsum (trailing edge), both on the inner and outer edge of the band, which is typical of M. variegatum. Also the dark abdominal segment two segments up from the tail fan is typical of M. variegatum.

I have attached a photo showing specimens of M. heliophila (left; 5) and M. variegatum (right; 15) for comparative purposes - it is taken from one of the plates in my forthcoming book. - the scale bar is for reference (CMY-RGB and each colour section is 1/6th of an inch, the b/w sections are in mm, the whole bar is 1 inch / 25mm and will not appear on the final plates! I should add that these specimens were collected under a permit issued by AFCD for my PhD fieldwork.



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圖片: heliophila - variegatum.jpg (2007-2-26 21:28, 24.48 K) / 該附件被下載次數 17

作者: nadia    時間: 2007-2-26 21:53

Roger is right.
作者: lamchoping    時間: 2007-2-26 21:58

Thank you nadia
作者: hkmoths    時間: 2007-2-27 13:19

BUT . . .

I haven't yet ruled out Macroglossum pyrrhosticta, which is also very similar to M. variegatum (virtually identical forewing pattern) - I am a little suspicious of the thoracic pattern, this doesn't quite match variegatum, so I need to check out pyrrhosticta.


作者: nadia    時間: 2007-2-27 15:15     標題: 回覆 #8 hkmoths 的帖子

My reply in 6 is assuming #5 is definitely correct.   Honestly I'm more comfortable if the species is Macroglossum heliophila.   'pyrrhosticta ?'   ............   not quite likely.     Unfortuntely I can't afford the time and opportunity to do the genital study.    You're our only hope now!
作者: hkmoths    時間: 2007-2-27 21:48

Hi Nadia & lamchoping,

I've checked out M. pyrrhosticta on Tony Pittaway's site ( and the abdominal band, as well as the wing fasciation are a good match, making this the most likely species. The thoracic patterning also matches the female specimen illustrated by Pittaway (and the broad tail fan in the photo of the specimen posted by lamchoping also suggests a female). Without dis-secting the genitalia it's really not possible to be 100% certain if it's M. pyrrhosticta or M. variegatum, though I have to reiterate that it is not M. heliophila, for the reasons I've pointed out in post #5. There is one other character that would help make a final decision, but that is the colour on the ventral side of the tail fan - as pointed out by Tennent in 1992 who noted the ventral side  of the tail fan was chestnut in fresh specimens of M. pyrrhosticta, not dark brown. Unfortunately, this is not a feature that is visible!

I would be reasonably confident to place this as a female Macroglossum pyrrhosticta, though a genitalia dis-section would be the only sure way of knowing.



Tennent, W.J., 1992. The Hawk Moths (Lep.: Sphingidae) of Hong Kong and Southeast China. The Entomologist's Record & Journal of Variation 104: 88-112.

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作者: lamchoping    時間: 2007-2-27 21:57     標題: 回覆 #10 hkmoths 的帖子

Thank you so much for your great effort!   
作者: musa4971    時間: 2008-10-10 01:02     標題: Sphingidae, Macroglossinae - Macroglossum sp. indet.


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作者: 貓魔鈴    時間: 2008-10-10 01:09

Macroglossum sp.
Sphingidae, Macroglossinae

作者: musa4971    時間: 2008-10-10 01:45

作者: blackdogto    時間: 2008-10-11 21:23     標題: Sphingidae, Macroglossinae - Macroglossum pyrrhosticta

4/July/2008, Ocean Park

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圖片: 未定標題1.jpg (2008-10-11 21:23, 115.24 K) / 該附件被下載次數 12

作者: 獵隼    時間: 2008-10-12 00:00

Sphingidae, Macroglossinae - Macroglossum pyrrhosticta? ... ssum%2Bpyrrhosticta
作者: hkmoths    時間: 2008-10-12 10:46

not possible to tell which species of Macroglossum from this photo.

cheers,  Roger.
作者: hkmoths    時間: 2008-10-12 11:03

probably yes, though would need to see the hindwing and ventral view to be sure that it's not M. variegatum.

cheers,  Roger.
作者: blackdogto    時間: 2008-10-12 20:11

can this photo help??

圖片: 未定標題1.jpg (2008-10-12 20:11, 114.03 K) / 該附件被下載次數 16

作者: hkmoths    時間: 2008-10-12 20:31

sorry, no. need to see the underside of the "tail fan" - can't make out the necessary details from this view.

However, the dark sub-medial band is pretty straight, so I'd be 95% confident of this being M. pyrrhosticta

cheers,  Roger.
作者: kw_lam    時間: 2008-10-30 21:20     標題: Sphingidae, Macroglossinae - Macroglossum pyrrhosticta

Date: 30-Oct-2008
Site: Tsz Wan Shan
Photographer: kw_lam

Sphingidae, Macroglossinae - Macroglossum pyrrhosticta黃斑長喙天蛾

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作者: hkmoths    時間: 2008-10-30 23:13

probably M. pyrrhosticta

cheers,  Roger.
作者: blackdogto    時間: 2009-1-16 22:49     標題: Sphingidae, Macroglossinae - Macroglossum pyrrhosticta

She was totally wet and cant fly...I rescued her back to the leave and let her to dry off in sunlight..

23/12/08, Ocean Park

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圖片: 未定標題1.jpg (2009-1-16 22:49, 143.39 K) / 該附件被下載次數 5

圖片: [Still alive] 未定標題2.jpg (2009-1-16 22:49, 172.15 K) / 該附件被下載次數 16

作者: hkmoths    時間: 2009-2-12 16:58

Having checked the underside abdominal pattern, this can be either M. fritzei or M. pyrrhosticta.
The hindwing pattern doesn't match the broad orange band of M. fritzei, so this can only be M. pyrrhosticta.

cheers,  Roger.
作者: hkmoths    時間: 2009-2-12 17:08

update - yes, having checked again, this can be positively identified as M. pyrrhosticta - the lateral shot clearly shows two chestnut (dark orange) patches on the underside of the abdomen. In M. variegatum, the ventral surface of the abdomen is uniformly pale grey-brown.

cheers,  Roger.
作者: ChrisC    時間: 2009-3-14 00:26     標題: Sphingidae, Macroglossinae - Macroglossum pyrrhosticta



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作者: kw_lam    時間: 2009-3-14 00:40

Sphingidae, Macroglossinae - Macroglossum sp. 天蛾科 某種長喙天蛾

May be Macroglossum pyrrhosticta 黃斑長喙天蛾
作者: kammyL    時間: 2009-3-14 00:54

即係攝影界的小明星 "飛蝦"
作者: ChrisC    時間: 2009-3-14 00:54

THX  師兄指點
作者: ChrisC    時間: 2009-3-14 00:55

原帖由 kammyL 於 2009-3-14 00:54 發表
即係攝影界的小明星 "飛蝦"

作者: HongN    時間: 2009-3-14 02:17

原帖由 ChrisC 於 2009-3-14 00:55 發表



作者: abnormal    時間: 2009-3-14 09:20

作者: 潔詩    時間: 2009-3-14 18:00     標題: 回覆 #5 ChrisC 的帖子

作者: chickenold    時間: 2009-3-14 19:36

See the following link about flying M. heliophila and you'll know why Macroglossum spp. are commonly called "flying shrimps" in Cantonese

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作者: ChrisC    時間: 2009-3-14 23:08

I SEE~~~~THX~~~~~
作者: oceanic    時間: 2009-10-18 21:59     標題: Sphingidae, Macroglossinae - Macroglossum pyrrhosticta

Taken at TKO on 18/10/2009 outside the shopping mall.

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作者: blackdogto    時間: 2009-10-18 22:56 ... &extra=page%3D1
作者: hkmoths    時間: 2009-10-21 23:19

Sphingidae, Macroglossinae - Macroglossum pyrrhosticta

a rather fresh specimen still retaining its lilac tint.

cheers,  Roger.

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