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標題: 翠鳥潛水是否開著眼睛? [打印本頁]

作者: 深藍-Owen    時間: 2006-7-10 08:28     標題: 翠鳥潛水是否開著眼睛?

by Teddy Chua (accident del)

Did Kingfisher close their eye when diving ?

My daughter ask me did the Kingfisher close their eye during diving ?  Do they have to open their eye in order to catch the fish when in the water ?

After inspected Wealthy big head picture, kingfisher eye are actually hide inside their head skull, very well protected, so I suspect they probably open their eye during diving ???
作者: 深藍-Owen    時間: 2006-7-10 10:39

以我知好多水鳥都有層透明眼膜潛水時用. 有時你影到 d 雀相隻眼灰灰白白好似有事. 其實係剛巧佢塊透明眼膜蓋上咁解. 翠鳥都有 :


圖片: IMG_4415.jpg (2006-7-10 10:39, 78.4 K) / 該附件被下載次數 45

作者: 深藍-Owen    時間: 2006-7-10 10:39


作者: Swing    時間: 2006-7-10 17:13

作者: Carmen    時間: 2006-7-10 17:43

其他鳥也有, 用來保濕及清潔眼睛
作者: BWA    時間: 2006-7-10 20:35


RSPB (英國皇家雀鳥保育會) 說翠鳥入水前的一剎那瞬膜會蓋上,就如蒙住雙眼一樣:

“Once the bird has located a suitable prey and assessed its depth, it dives. At the entry into water, its beak is opened and its eyes closed by the third eyelid. The bird is effectively blindfolded as it catches the fish. ”
作者: teddy_chua    時間: 2006-7-10 22:51

原帖由 BWA 於 2006-7-10 20:35 發表

RSPB (英國皇家雀鳥保育會) 說翠鳥入水前的一剎那瞬膜會蓋上,就如蒙住雙眼一樣: ...

Thanks.  It said further that Kingfisher need to catch fish of its own body weight everyday, that means a father need to catch many many fishes in any given day when the baby is still infant.  Tough job.

Can't complain any more if I compare to this tiny 6 inch bird.  


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