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標題: 正式重開!!多謝大家支持! - (意見收集) [打印本頁]

作者: jinpan    時間: 2015-1-26 01:03     標題: 正式重開!!多謝大家支持! - (意見收集)

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1) 必須以ISP電郵註冊
2) 請提供註冊原因
3) 請提供用戶名,否則將參考登記電郵開戶

論壇除了稍微轉變了首頁設計, 望能讓大家有耳目一新的感覺外, 最主要是重整了各分類討論版和「主題分類」的功能。希望配合各項新版規和發帖指引, 使 成為各位討論和學習的好地方!

如果發現新版有任何問題, 或者有其他意見, 歡迎在此留言! 以便跟進!!

Jinpan, Xoni, Siuszeze, Tommy, 小妍(Michelle) & hkchan123(Ken)
Dear friends,

After accomplishing a bunch of preparation work, we are glad to announce that re-opened on 26 Jan 2015!

We, a group of graduates in ecology, will be in charge of being the administrators. Please kindly give us your precious advice! Like everyone else, we feel very sorry for the previous announcement on the closure of is not only a platform to gather nature lovers and exchange ideas, but it is also a rich database recording local ecology and biodiversity, and more importantly, it is where we learned and grew as ecology students. Therefore, adhering to the spirit of, we try to continue promoting local nature and ecological conservation via education and advocacy.

Thanks to the contribution of members, the database of can be well built and shared among all. We still need your continuous effort and support in the future! After the reopening of the forum, we encourage everyone to shift the discussion back from Facebook Group to the forum,since it is extremely difficult to research and extract the posted information.

If you are a newcomer who has not yet registered as a member, please kindly follow the instruction to register. We will reply and arrange your application very soon.

At the moment, is renting server for its operation, which costs HKD1,500 annually. We plan to collect voluntary donation for the forum’s operation regularly by end of years. Relevant details will be announced later. Please do support us by then!

*Remarks for registration:
1) Please register with an ISP email
2) Please provide the reason for registration
3) Please provide a username; the registered email account will be used otherwise

Apart from minor changes of the designs which make it looks fresh, there are important modifications included rearrangement of different discussion boards and the tagging system. Together with new forum regulations and instructions of posting, we hope this can make be your best place for discussing and learning!

If you find out errors or have comments on our new forum, kindly leave you comment here!

Welcome on board!
Jinpan, Xoni, Siuszeze, Tommy, 小妍(Michelle) & hkchan123(Ken) voluntary administrators

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