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標題: [公告] 新會員註冊 New Member Registration (2017年9月23日更新) [打印本頁]

作者: siuszeze    時間: 2015-1-28 14:28     標題: 新會員註冊 New Member Registration (2017年9月23日更新)


請用ISP、公司或學校電郵(如選用免費電郵如 Yahoo, Gmail 將會個別處理,如有現有會員介紹,請註明其用戶名),連同

1) 註冊原因及
2) 自選用戶名,




<New Member Registration> (Updated 23/9/2017)

Please register with your ISP, company or institute email, please send an email to the webmaster at with

1) reason of registration and
2) custom user ID for manual registration.

Registering with free mail such as Gmail and Yahoo will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you are referred to this forum by an existing member, please also include the referee ID. We will process all request as soon as possible.

***To encourage unregistered visitors to join us as members, the "search" function for the forum is disabled for unregistered visitors***

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