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標題: [Other] 是泥蜂嗎? ID Please (Arge similis 杜鵑葉蜂) [打印本頁]

作者: sunnet    時間: 2015-3-13 11:22     標題: 是泥蜂嗎? ID Please (Arge similis 杜鵑葉蜂)


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作者: Christophe    時間: 2015-3-14 19:40     標題: Reply #1 sunnet's post

A Saw fly (Symphyta). Primitive (!) hymenoptera, with phytophagus larval stage.
作者: sunnet    時間: 2015-3-15 23:38

Thank you Christophe for the big hints. I think this is an Arge similis 杜鵑葉蜂. ;-)
作者: Christophe    時間: 2015-3-16 21:36     標題: Reply #3 sunnet's post

maybe indeed
作者: sunnet    時間: 2016-2-3 15:21

Have found some larvae at the same flower bed.

Reference :

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