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標題: [蟹 Crab] 求蟹ID ﹝中型股窗蟹﹞ [打印本頁]

作者: wkcheng    時間: 2015-8-8 10:35     標題: 求蟹ID ﹝中型股窗蟹﹞


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圖片: DSCN0742b.jpg (2015-8-8 10:35, 388.29 K) / 該附件被下載次數 114

作者: kili01    時間: 2015-8-8 19:58

Sand-bubbler crab 圓球股窗蟹,  Scopimera globosa
作者: tommyhty    時間: 2015-8-8 20:47

Shld not be S. globosa if it was found in hk. Where did you take the pic?
作者: wkcheng    時間: 2015-8-8 22:57     標題: 回覆 #3 tommyhty 的帖子

It was found in Tai Po.
作者: wkcheng    時間: 2015-8-9 21:23

原帖由 kili01 於 2015-8-8 19:58 發表
Sand-bubbler crab 圓球股窗蟹,  Scopimera globosa

多謝提示,找到相關的帖! ... 1%E7%AA%97%E8%9F%B9 ... 1%E7%AA%97%E8%9F%B9
作者: tommyhty    時間: 2015-8-9 23:52

If found in Tai Po then it should be S. intermedia.
In fact, S. globosa is a more temperate species and previous records in HK named S. globosa could probably be misidentified.


And the crab in the 1 st link shld be Dotilla sp. instead of Scopimera sp. They are under the same family and have very similar lifestyle. But it is interesting to see how speciation occurred within this family to produce such subtle difference in morphology...

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