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作者: XJfanz    時間: 2016-5-30 21:56     標題: 赤麂

行山行到沙田坳道附近, 突然間彈左隻鹿形物體出來, 好開心, 一定係赤麂. 2秒就消失於叢林中.

而迎面而來係2個C9, 第一句就講: [我食過呀, 全部瘦肉架.]... 真係畀佢吹漲...
作者: AndrewL    時間: 2016-5-31 06:32

rarely seen during the day.....good sightings
作者: Aland    時間: 2016-6-2 05:25

I've also spotted a barking deer in that area during a weekday hike in the late afternoon
I guess they start becoming active before sunset

The problem is they are pretty shy animals and often hide when they see hikers
so it's quite difficult to encounter them during weekends when the trails are teeming with people.

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