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標題: Nature Photographers’ Code of Conduct [打印本頁]

作者: 深藍-Owen    時間: 2006-6-9 18:44     標題: Nature Photographers’ Code of Conduct

Nature Photographers’ Code of Conduct

Nature Photographers’ Code of Conduct
foward from Avian Watch Asia

Before you embark on your great natural world photographic expedition, take a moment to read The Nature Photographers’ Code of Conduct.

Loss of habitat has restricted some plants and animals to isolated area where they are unable to establish new populations.

The nature photographers’ code of conduct is a short but concise glossary of key considerations and legislation. The code states only one hard and fast rule – the welfare of the subject is more important than the photograph.

AWA does not set or enforce rules for any ethical conduct. Rather, it is our hope that notes like these will promote thought and discussion among members, and allow each individual to make informed choices about ethical behavior.

   1. Always keep your subject’s well being in mind.
   2. Learn patterns of animal behavior.
   3. Know when not to interfere with animal life cycles.
   4. If an animal show signs of stress, move away and maintain a safe distance.
   5. Acquaint yourself with the fragility of the ecosystem.
   6. Stay on trails that are intended to lessen impact.
   7. Treat others courteously.
   8. Avoid preventable mishaps.
   9. Report inappropriate behavior to the proper authorities.
  10. Important note: Nesting sites are particularly sensitive areas, as too much undue stress can cause the parent birds to abandon the nest, or cause distress to the young chick(s) or fledglings. Where possible, try not to go too near such sites; maintain a respectful distance when observing or photographing the nest sites. (see also point no. 4). Also, it is advisable not to disclose locations of such sites to the general public. Users are also encouraged to exercise discretion when posting pictures of nesting sites.

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