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標題: Common Grackle
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註冊 2006-6-9
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發表於 2006-6-17 10:02  資料 文集 短消息 
Common Grackle

Remember Owen mention before in his site that bird may be blind if the sun come in very strong from behind you and shine directly onto the bird eye, this is the first time I experience this.  This bird keep walking toward me not realizing I am sitting in front of him and shooting.

Lost many good shots of this bird  becuase of hunting.... and also find spot metering is more important than I thought.  I already manual increase  the +ev, still fail to catch the black metalic color of this bird.  It is very beautiful in the viewfinder, but the picture could not show it.  

[ 本帖最後由 teddy_chua 於 2006-6-21 06:19 編輯 ]

圖片: IMG_8077.JPG (2006-6-17 10:02, 60.34 K)

圖片: IMG_8074.JPG (2006-6-17 10:02, 72.97 K)

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發表於 2006-6-17 23:16  資料 短消息 
a common Grackle

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