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標題: [Sphingidae] Field key to Macroglossum 長咀天蛾 spp. in HK
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發表於 2009-10-3 09:53  資料 文集 短消息 
Field key to Macroglossum 長咀天蛾 spp. in HK

I have developed a key to the humming-bird hawkmoth species (the genus Macroglossum) found in Hong Kong (not including two species found only once each). It has been passed by Ian Kitching at The Natural History Museum, who suggested that I trial it through HKWildlifeNet users.

Please see if you find it useful. Most of the Macroglossum species are on the wing at the moment, so clear photos should be sufficient to allow identification, whether in flight or at rest.

I would welcome critical feedback, please, as the end result will be published in the forthcoming Illustrated Guide to the Moths of Hong Kong.

Please note that this is being developed as a bilingual product, but the traditional Chinese text will be added once the English version has been finalised. This text is copyrighted, and placed on the HKWildlife.Net website in good faith by me, as the copyright holder. Permission is given for HKWildlife.Net users to download the low resolution version of the key and use for personal educational reasons only. No further reproduction of the text and illustrations in any format is permitted.

cheers,  Roger.

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圖片: macroglossum key.jpg (2009-10-3 09:53, 660.51 K)

獵隼   2009-10-6 00:11  種子  +10   實用資料 Useful information !
特別懶散   2009-10-3 23:57  種子  +10   感謝分享 Thanks for sharing !
BenW   2009-10-3 16:45  種子  +3   實用資料 Useful information !
kw_lam   2009-10-3 15:03  種子  +10   感謝分享 Thanks for sharing !
blackdogto   2009-10-3 12:57  種子  +18   實用資料 Useful information !
lsp380   2009-10-3 12:43  種子  +10   資料詳盡 Exhaustive information !
seibuhk   2009-10-3 11:56  種子  +5   資料詳盡 Exhaustive information !
Shirley   2009-10-3 11:27  種子  +10   
chickenold   2009-10-3 10:07  種子  +20   Brilliant!

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