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標題: [鳥類保育] Little bird's migration reaches 'brink of impossibility'
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Little bird's migration reaches 'brink of impossibility'

The blackpoll warbler accomplishes a mighty big feat for such a little bird.

Scientists have documented how Setophaga striata, which weighs just 12 grams, completes an arduous nonstop flight over the Atlantic Ocean from New England and eastern Canada to the Caribbean islands as it migrates each autumn toward its South American wintering grounds.

By placing miniature backpacks with geolocators on the birds, the researchers determined they flew an average of nearly 2540 kilometres over two to three days.

bond   2015-4-3 19:53  種子  +10   感謝分享 Thanks for sharing !
Xoni   2015-4-3 14:19  種子  +12   感謝分享 Thanks for sharing !


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